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the sexy little book of finance 

 SILVER WINNER - Finalist for Book of The Year-Readers

Paperback: $11.99 Ebook: $3.99 




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Estate Planning-Business &sex Personal Succession Planning-Budgeting-Investing-Retirement...A book you cannot afford not to have...

Sexy workbook?

Yes indeed, sex and money…one
always feels sexier when you are successful
financially; it breeds confidence and a higher selfesteem.

4 things you need IN WRITING:

1. A Life Plan
2. A Budget/Retirement Budget
3. An investment Plan

4. Business and Personal Succession Plan

Lucky for you my workbook has all 4 and more


Seminar Marketing & Sales Training Techniques for the Financial Professional

Voted Best Book in Financial Management 2nd Year in a row

Literary book of the year Reader Views-Readers Choice Awards

The Procrastinator's Bible for Financial Success IS FOR ANYONE serious about taking control of your financial, estate planning, and budgeting success, your personal road-map for success! I have provided resources to help accomplish your goals. I designed so it is not outdated, or for items that may change I provide web pages and links to keep up with any potential changes. The book provides: Budgets (regular and retirement) Estate worksheets Probate Process Investment knowledge (mutual funds, ETF's, Managed) Understanding Bonds Mortgage worksheets (including information on Reverse Mortgages) How to apply for Social Security Life Insurance Annuities Long Term care Insurance Explanation of Trusts and Joint account ownerships Detailed definitions section and a whole lot more...15 MAJOR AWARDS & fantastic reviews for a reason.

It is never too late to start...SO GET STARTED!



As the financial industry evolves, industry professionals must adapt to new approaches and ideas to survive, grow, and prosper.

It has become increasingly difficult to maintain a current client base, let alone attract new clients with an investment environment that moves faster than a stock trade. The prospecting market is changing, becoming more challenging and risky, with consumer rights protection such as the "do not call" lists, with their hefty fines and new compliance requirements. The simplistic and commonsense approach is gone—instead, we have developed a "brokerese" language that sometimes those in the industry don't even understand. In the business guide Seminar Marketing & Sales Training Techniques for the Financial Professional, author Frank James Eberhart, CEP, RFC, explains his agenda for successfully gaining new clientele:

  • Generate seminar attendance
  • How to get results from your seminars
  • How to increase your revenue
  • How to prepare effective PowerPoint presentations
  • How to develop your sales and closing skills

Eberhart uses a simple, straightforward approach that translates into effective seminars that obtain—and keep—new clients. So make the most of it—be prepared, be professional, and be effective!