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Welcome to Bookworm.tv personal financial planning made easy

Welcome to Bookworm.tv personal financial planning made easy

Welcome to Bookworm.tv personal financial planning made easyWelcome to Bookworm.tv personal financial planning made easy

Your Future...Plan Well


Planning Your Future

Since 1996, we have helped create easy to use programs to assist families to meet long-term financial and estate planning goals through our easy to use financial and marketing books.


A Proven Approach

Our award winning books have received 16 major awards, book of the year, and countless thank you's from individuals and businesses for the easy to use "fill in the blanks" approach to teach you how things work. personal financial planning estate planning checklist financial planning help


Things you should do...but never finish

My original book Plan Ahead - Protect Your Estate & Investments moved on to my 2nd book says it all  "the procrastinators bible for financial success"

The new version the sexy little book of finance III is 2 books in one-personal & business.

With all our busy schedules, complicated forms to and endless books to try and complete a budget, estate plan, will or trust. or just trying to understand various investments-we just never seem to finish.

So important for you, your family, your business...we have made it easy with our proven  easy to use fill in the blanks approach.

All for just $11.99

the Sexy little book of finance III


The Review

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The Review

  •   Title: The Sexy Little Book of Finance III  Author: Frank Eberhart  Business/Finance  

  1. Straight forward, easy to use and excellent advice makes The Sexy Little Book of Finance III a book that will provide an excellent return in knowledge for a very small investment of time. of a book makes a dramatic difference in the experience of the reader. Appearance includes everything from an enticing cover and intriguing table of contents, to interesting chapter headings and eye-catching illustrations. This book excelled in all of these areas. Plot: Concept, Characters, Originality 5 The characters of a book should be well defined, and while they do not have to be likable, the reader does have to be able to form a connection with them. The theme should be consistent and the plot should be original or told from a unique perspective. All of these elements are exceptionally well done in this book. Development: Description, Dialogue, Creativity, Organization, Length, Fluidity, Coherence 5 Besides the plot, the development of a book is the most critical. The dialogue should be realistic, the descriptions should be vivid, and the material should be concise and flow smoothly. The development of this book is very well done. Formatting: Editing, Proofreading, Layout 5 Editing and proofreading is where most authors fail. An author should have more PDFmyURL.com 5 than one person proofread their book. The best plot will fail if the reader has to stumble through misspelled words, misused words, bad punctuation, and poor grammar. This book is well edited. Marketability: Theme, Subject Matter, Size of Target Audience 5 Marketability refers to how well your book can be marketed and sold. The larger the target audience a book has, the greater the value it will have to publishers and retailers. Although this element is not indicative of the quality of a book, it is important to the success of a book. This book has a wide appeal and can be marketed to many types of readers. Overall Opinion: Overall Starred Rating 5 This rating takes into account all previous elements and the reader's overall opinion of the book.                                                                                               An excellent, very well written book.  Review: An estate plan, budgeting, and investment are essential elements in helping to secure your financial future. In Frank Eberhart’s book, The Sexy Little Book of Finance II, is an easy to follow, fill-in-the-blanks workbook to help you design the road map to your personal success. Eberhart begins with estate planning and discusses wills and the consequences of not having one, trusts, probate. http://www.archwaypublishing.com/bookstore/bookdetail.aspx?bookid=SKU-000927278   


The Author

Seminar Marketing & Sales Training

The Review

I  began my investment career in 1996. My goal was always and still is to provide the most comprehensive investment and estate planning for all my clients. I currently hold Series 6, 7, 63, 65, 24 and CEP® Certified Estate Planner, RFC® Registered Investment Consultant with additional Ethic Approved status.

My books originally came about as I used a workbook to collect information from potential clients which allowed our firm to make better decisions for their future. 


Seminar Marketing & Sales Training

Seminar Marketing & Sales Training

Seminar Marketing & Sales Training

Our proven method of marketing your business. Even though this book was written in 2002, it probably holds more true today for marketing techniques. 

How many emails a day do you get? mailers? Flyers? Phone calls? Phishing schemes where you are afraid to open your email or attachment.

We text, we email, we call, we Instagram - it seems we have lost that one very key element-FACE to FACE interaction.

My seminars would fill up where I had to roll over from Tuesdays and add Thursdays, all RSVP only.

Back to basics...it works


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